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2 Things You Must Consider When Buying Horse Riding Boots

So… why are “Horse riding boots” so important? It turns out that horse riding boots are second only to helmets when it comes to safety. Here are some tips I have for you to consider.

One of the most awful accidents you can ever have with a horse is getting thrown off and finding your foot caught in the stirrup! Once you are off the horses back, but your foot is stuck in the stirrup, your horse will run away from this dangling body that appears to be chasing after him. Horses are not bright enough to realize its you! Your horse will run faster to escape and your head will be somewhere near his hooves and his hocks! Not a good situation!

Horse Riding Boots

Horse Riding Boots

Horse riders have died from these types of accidents. But, a good pair of horse riding boots can diminish the chances of this happening.

Although they come in assorted styles, the most significant component of horse riding boots is the heel.

Horse riding boots must have a heel that is sufficient to help keep your foot from sliding through the stirrup, about one to two inches high. But… be careful, If you have a heel that is much higher than that, it may alter the normal position of your foot in the stirrup.

For the ladies out there, imagine riding in high heels! The arch of your foot is contorted and will adversely impact your riding position.

The second feature to consider is the bottom sole tread. You want a boot that does not have thick car-tire type tread that would make your foot too snug in the stirrup.

You NEVER want to risk having your foot stuck in the stirrup.

It is recommended that you have a plain leather sole that is relatively flat. A rubber sole is perfectly acceptable. In fact, some boot companies have designed horse riding boots to resemble the inside feel of a tennis shoe with a similar bottom tread, but with a good heel. Just be sure the rubber sole does not extend beyond the foot like the old waffle stompers!

If you meet these two conditions, a good heel and proper tread, then your horse riding boots are appropriate. You do not have to have a boot specifically designed for horse riding, as long as they meet these two criteria.

One all-purpose type horse riding boot is the “Roper”. Riders may refer to several different styles of boots as “Ropers”. These boots come a few inches above your angle to mid-calf, they fit snuggly in the foot but looser around the leg.

Roper boots usually have a rounded toe, not squared or pointed. Some may come in exotic leathers and intricate tooling (designs engraved in the leather) but most are rather unassuming! You can work around the barn and ride in them all day long in both English and Western saddles.

Horse riding boots can be very specifically designed for what you’re doing with a horse. As you select a specialty as a rider, you will prefer to get boots that are suited for that discipline.

For example, if you are jumping, you will want a high English boot that fits the calf snuggly and helps your grip and stability. If you are riding western horses, you will want something more like a ropers or cowboy riding boots. There are so many horseback riding boot deals out there! Just look until you find the ones you want!

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I hope that helps!