Saturday , May 30th 2020
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Saddle Pads

In today’s world, the assortment of saddle pads is at times over-whelming. The three main categories are All Purpose Saddle Pads, English Saddle Pads and Western Saddle Pads. Within these categories you can further break it down into:

  • Custom Saddle Pads
  • All Purpose Saddle Pad
  • Dressage Saddle Pads
  • Gel Saddle Pads
  • Wool Saddle Pads
  • Cheap Saddle Pads
  • Horse Tack Saddle Pads
  • Barrel Racing Saddle Pads
  • Treeless Saddle Pads
  • Saddle Blankets
  • Customized Saddle Pads
  • Used Saddle Pads
  • Pony Blanket Pad

Depending on the Equestrian Riding Sport, you can easily find the perfect saddle pad.

  • Dressage Saddle Pad: You have pads for Schooling, Training and Show.
  • All Purpose Saddle Pad can be used for multiple riding sports, including Trail Riding
  • Western Saddle Pad also referred to as Blanket is also used for Endurance Riding
  • Barrel Racing Saddle Pad also referred to as Reinsman Pad
  • Treeless Saddle Pad or Skito: These are Specialty Saddle Pads for the Equestrian
  • Pony Blanket Pad is designed to fit a small Horse to a large Pony
  • Used Saddle Pad will work for the Used Saddle or New Saddles, ideal for Schooling or a Trail Ride
  • Customized Saddle Pad can be coordinated with the Horse and Equestrian Apparel
  • Gel Saddle Pad falls into the Therapeutic Pad category, such as ThinLine Saddle Pads

So shop wisely and check out your local Tack Store or shop on-line for Horse and Tack supplies.

Customize Your Saddle with Your Saddle Pad

There are many saddle pads to choose from. If you ride dressage, you can use dressage or all-purpose that fits the shape of your saddle. When showing, you really need a white pad for most disciplines.

In addition, you may also choose to use a “half-pad” make of fleece or you may also consider a “ThinLine” saddle pad. The “ThinLine” pads are awesome to use between your saddle and base pad. There are many benefits to using a “half-Pad” as you are able to customize your saddle fit you your horse.

A Great Trail Riding Saddle Pad

This Saddle Pad is favorite for Trail Riding, Western Riding and English Riding.

Made by Thornhill – This All Purpose saddle pad has 2 gusseted pockets for personal items such as, your cell phone, GPS device, a small first aid kit, hoof pick, drink and snakes during your long trail ride.

This saddle pad is made of heavy duty extra thick fleece with a slot for inserting a wedge or gel pad to adjust your saddle for a better fit helping keep your horse’s back more comfortable during your ride.

The Saddle Pad Features:

  • All Purpose Saddle Pad with 2 Pockets
  • Extra Thick Fleece
  • Slot at Seat Area for Inserting Wedge or Gel Pad
  • Easy Care, Wash and Dry
  • 3 Colors: Navy, Burgundy, Green

I give this saddle pad “thumbs up” as a favorite Saddle Pad


Have You Considered a Foam Saddle Pad?

If you own a English Saddle or Western Saddle the foam saddle pad may be one of the better choices which comes in a closed and open cell design, the closed cell seems to the better choise. Studies showed that it performed better in moisture test and impact resistant test. A good saddle pad to consider is closed cell composite with a wool felt lining or sheepskin lining to again wick away moisture. The wool or sheepskin saddle pads rank at the top of the list. When you have a properly fitted riding saddle these are the best ones to consider.

The idea of it all is, to use the saddle pad as a comfort solution rather than a fitted one, the saddle itself should be the fitted solution. Therefore the thinner ones and the natural fiber pads are recommended most highly in extended and long term use. All saddle pads have their intended uses

Western Saddle Pad

Western Saddle Pad

and there are many different types of saddle pads to choose from and a person should consider those options before using them on their horse.

With any saddle pad you own, be sure to keep it clean and dirt free.